The height of enjoyable pub grub!

Tucked in behind the New England Highway at Beresfield is a little gem called the Beresfield Tavern. Previously known as the Bacchus Wine Bar, this newly renovated and extended tavern has all that a good pub stands for. A great atmosphere and plenty of locals that can tell you a yarn or two about the location.

Within the tavern is the Beresfield Tavern Bistro. What an experience! We have taken this small bistro to a new level by giving what our patrons want. Everything from steaks and ribs to old favourites such as lamb cutlets or lambs fry and bacon.

My choice today was a tender tbone steak cooked medium with a garlic prawn creamy sauce. Extra sauce was the request. Served on creamy mash with a honey mustard dressed salad, this meal was extremely enjoyable.

Beresfield Tavern has many different meals to choose from and specials on most nights of the week. Dietary needs are well catered for. One delicious example is the gluten free lasagna which had so much flavour you wouldn't know it was gluten free.

The Tavern also offers a drinks menu if you wish to compliment your meal with beautiful wines or other beverages.

This is a great little tavern with huge character and a great atmosphere. The characteristics are high, meal service is great and the hearty meals are great quality. The Wednesday night special is succulent ribs with marinated wings. A must try.

If you are after one of the old classics, try the tender lambs fry and bacon. I'm told this is one of the most favourable items on the menu.

The downside to my experience - leaving!

Beresfield Tavern and Bistro are located at 195 Anderson Drive, Beresfield near the Newcastle Crematorium. A recommended visit.