The Garden Table Cafe

Heritage Gardens Nursery was established in 1984 on the New England Highway at Ashtonfield, just south of Maitland. 

Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the tranquil nursery is the Garden Table Cafe. The cafe is open 7 days a week from 9-4pm serving full meals for breakfast and lunch, sweets and coffee.

Our visit to the cafe was a wonderful experience and provided me with a beautiful meal that I could eat whilst staying on a healthy eating plan. Fresh, healthy and delicious.

My choice (and I really had to weigh up the options), was a warm chicken salad. Beautiful tender marinated chicken on a bed of mesclun lettuce, avocado, semi-dried tomatoes, cashews and camembert cheese with a mustard dressing. I chose right.

My friend enjoyed the smoked salmon, avocado and camembert melt. 

To finish the meal, it was hard for my dining partners to select one item for dessert but they managed to devour a caramel ricotta tart and the traditional scone. 

Nestled inside the nursery grounds, with the sound of birds chirping and smells of fresh grass and great food, this experience is one not to miss. A very romantic setting yet great for friends and family to catch up. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

The cafe also offers a high tea menu definitely worth checking out. Served with fine dinnerware, everyone is made to feel special.